Friday, November 28, 2008

Harvest Challenge

I haven't blogged for a while now (dah, no kidding, since July)--where does the time go????
But I've been working on some needlework between real work. Carolyn Cibik owner of Evening Star Designs offered a "Harvest Challenge" crazy quilt block competition. Here's a picture of my entry to the competition. Carolyn still hasn't announced the winner. I'm hoping we'll all hear soon.

She did the same thing in last Spring with a "Spring Challenge". I didn't finish my piece in time for the competition, but have now completed it.

Now, I'm on to finishing Christmas presents-----------but I can't give away what I'm working on.

What have the rest of you been doing?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Finally updating

I've been so busy stitching up a storm I haven't had time to tend to my blog as I should. But here are some updates.
Are any of you out there doing Susan Garman's "Ladies of the Sea" block of the month?
When I saw the advertisements for it back in January I knew I had to do it. But I had to wait patiently (well not quite) until the end of April when it started. While the quilt is breath-takingly beautiful, it is a CHALLENGE!I've finished Block one "The Xebec Pirate Ship" so now, I'm only 5 blocks behind. Is there a theme here? Behind on blog updates, behind on Blocks of the Month, Behind on Sharon's "Take it Further Challenge", not to mention housework but I really don't care too much about that as long as no one comes visiting.
Here's a picture of my completed block #1

This week I finally turned a needlework item into a throw pillow--something I've been putting off and off and off (again, the theme). I think I was putting it off because I don't feel confident in making throw pillows. While I think my needlwork is pretty good my utilitarian sewing is below par. So, before i actually started the pillow I when to JoAnn Fabrics to get some of the items I needed for it: backing, zipper, etc. and boy I hope they have a book that will make my pillow perfect. What a treat I found that I have to pass on to all of you----a book by Christopher Nejman PILLOWS---DESIGNER SEWING TECHNIQUES.
This book, while not addressing my lack of basic throw pillow construction was such a stimulation to my creativity. The pillows Christopher designs are Exciting! He uses all kinds of embellishments, needlefelts FABRIC to make fabric ---well worth the price!
Here is my finished throw pillow using the needlework that I finished months ago.
Now I need to start a Christopher Nejman type pillow---------------OH NO, more things for my to do list!
I've joined the Stitchingfingers web group "stitch along". I liked what Sharon Boggon came up with to use to make a stitch along sampler. She was putting together pieces of aida cloth she had to make a piece of fabric to stitch on. I'm oversimplifying what she did but, rather than describe it inaccurately I'm being very general. Anyhow, in my stash I had a piece of 28 count linen (ok, I had way more than A piece). I painted the linen and then basted around a 5"x7" center. I am going to do all my "Stitch along" stitches outside and around this area. I haven't yet decided what i'll do in the center but I'm sure the idea will come to me as I progress with the "stitch along".
Today i did my 1st stitch for the "stitch Along" and here it is--the Pekinese Stitch using perle coton #8 in two different purples.
I'm not sure this picture is really going to show the stitch. I may need to take another one. If so, a good one will be downloaded to the "Stitch along" group at
Well, I think that's more than enough for now but, I want to leave you all with this awesome picture from Deep Creek Maryland, not where I live but where a bunch of us spent a weekend celebrating a friend's 50th birthday.
Happy Stitching Everyone

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008 TIF update

My mind is still whirling around Sharon's April TIF challenges as to which of the 2 I'd like to do. I like the concept of change. For me change can sometimes be a scary thing but, I also find change energizing and promoting growth. Since I generally find it a positive concept I'm inspired to try to depict "change" in textile art.
But then, the colors of this month's challenge are wonderful---at least the colors I see on my monitor. A few years ago during the Kentucky Derby,I don't remember which horse was running but I DO REMEMBER THE COLORS-----rich browns, tans, rust, black, I thought of doing a crazy quilt block with those colors and calling it "Kentucky Derby". Those are the colors I'm seeing on my monitor. Tomorrow I will go get the DMC colors (I can't believe I don't already have them in my stash!!!!!) and see if my monitor is accurate. It just so happened that a couple of days ago I found this picture in one of my magazines.

So there's my quandry---but I think the crazy quilt block is going to win out. Let me know what you think of these colors versus the challenge colors. I hope when I get the DMC colors I'm not surprised.

Ok, so I've been slow with the April challenge. The upside is that our tax returns are complete and filed--a chore I dread every year and tend to put off until about the last possible minute. No, I will not file extensions-------that would just drag out the misery. And so now I really can start focusing on the challenge. But I haven't been totally uncreative either.Here is a work in progress.

And pictures of 2 of my finished bead embroidery necklaces.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Okay, final post for today. This picture shows my interpretation of a motif Carolyn Cibik distributed in her Treasures Club newsletter. I need to add some buillon knots and little beads to the feathered branches.
The picture also shows an added embellishment to a piece of trim. I added straight stitches topped with beads coming out of the trim.

I hope you all enjoy my pictures and they give you some inspiration and new ideas.

Thanks to all whom have left comments on my blog regarding my black and white tv. It's good to get feedback--and it doesn't always have to be "say something nice or nothing at all." I value constructive criticism-------as long as it's given gently, tee hee.

Oh, almost forgot-------I have honored Barbara's challenge on by submitting 3 pictures of the same seam treatment, each a bit different. Hopefully Barbara will use the pictures in the next issue.

Til next time--------------go create.

On the same block as the scallops is this silk ribbon motif. I was pleased with the flowers on this motif and believe the secret is in using straight pins to hold the silk ribbon loops so they don't pull out as you add more flower petal loops. Of course that makes a lot of fun trying to work around those pins as you add more petals!!!!!!!

This seam treatment is from a design by Karen Phillips Shwallon. The scallops were quite the challenge to do. I used silk and the edges were fraying as I was trying to applique them down but, I kept to it and am glad I did. I think it's quite the unique treatment and can open all of us to some new methods to consider on our crazy quilts.

Other work

March 23, 2008
Happy Easter

I don't have anything concrete yet for the March TIF challenge but, I thought I'd post some pictures of some of my other crazy quilt work.

This is a seam treatment of mixed beads along the side of a peacock feather. I randomly thread 4-6 beads before anchoring them. All sorts of beads can be mixed for this treatment.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Take it further challenge.

Welcome. I believe I have enabled the "leave a comment" feature on my blog

February Take if Further Challenge


My response to Sharon Boggon's February theme "I'm old enough to remember..." is the black and white television.

Yes, there was a time when there were no color televisions.

My response to the challenge was to create an old black and white tv using fabric for the television, buttons for the dials, threads, only in shades of black and white, for the picture and some beads, just to give it some electricity.