Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008 TIF update

My mind is still whirling around Sharon's April TIF challenges as to which of the 2 I'd like to do. I like the concept of change. For me change can sometimes be a scary thing but, I also find change energizing and promoting growth. Since I generally find it a positive concept I'm inspired to try to depict "change" in textile art.
But then, the colors of this month's challenge are wonderful---at least the colors I see on my monitor. A few years ago during the Kentucky Derby,I don't remember which horse was running but I DO REMEMBER THE COLORS-----rich browns, tans, rust, black, I thought of doing a crazy quilt block with those colors and calling it "Kentucky Derby". Those are the colors I'm seeing on my monitor. Tomorrow I will go get the DMC colors (I can't believe I don't already have them in my stash!!!!!) and see if my monitor is accurate. It just so happened that a couple of days ago I found this picture in one of my magazines.

So there's my quandry---but I think the crazy quilt block is going to win out. Let me know what you think of these colors versus the challenge colors. I hope when I get the DMC colors I'm not surprised.

Ok, so I've been slow with the April challenge. The upside is that our tax returns are complete and filed--a chore I dread every year and tend to put off until about the last possible minute. No, I will not file extensions-------that would just drag out the misery. And so now I really can start focusing on the challenge. But I haven't been totally uncreative either.Here is a work in progress.

And pictures of 2 of my finished bead embroidery necklaces.