Friday, July 4, 2008

Finally updating

I've been so busy stitching up a storm I haven't had time to tend to my blog as I should. But here are some updates.
Are any of you out there doing Susan Garman's "Ladies of the Sea" block of the month?
When I saw the advertisements for it back in January I knew I had to do it. But I had to wait patiently (well not quite) until the end of April when it started. While the quilt is breath-takingly beautiful, it is a CHALLENGE!I've finished Block one "The Xebec Pirate Ship" so now, I'm only 5 blocks behind. Is there a theme here? Behind on blog updates, behind on Blocks of the Month, Behind on Sharon's "Take it Further Challenge", not to mention housework but I really don't care too much about that as long as no one comes visiting.
Here's a picture of my completed block #1

This week I finally turned a needlework item into a throw pillow--something I've been putting off and off and off (again, the theme). I think I was putting it off because I don't feel confident in making throw pillows. While I think my needlwork is pretty good my utilitarian sewing is below par. So, before i actually started the pillow I when to JoAnn Fabrics to get some of the items I needed for it: backing, zipper, etc. and boy I hope they have a book that will make my pillow perfect. What a treat I found that I have to pass on to all of you----a book by Christopher Nejman PILLOWS---DESIGNER SEWING TECHNIQUES.
This book, while not addressing my lack of basic throw pillow construction was such a stimulation to my creativity. The pillows Christopher designs are Exciting! He uses all kinds of embellishments, needlefelts FABRIC to make fabric ---well worth the price!
Here is my finished throw pillow using the needlework that I finished months ago.
Now I need to start a Christopher Nejman type pillow---------------OH NO, more things for my to do list!
I've joined the Stitchingfingers web group "stitch along". I liked what Sharon Boggon came up with to use to make a stitch along sampler. She was putting together pieces of aida cloth she had to make a piece of fabric to stitch on. I'm oversimplifying what she did but, rather than describe it inaccurately I'm being very general. Anyhow, in my stash I had a piece of 28 count linen (ok, I had way more than A piece). I painted the linen and then basted around a 5"x7" center. I am going to do all my "Stitch along" stitches outside and around this area. I haven't yet decided what i'll do in the center but I'm sure the idea will come to me as I progress with the "stitch along".
Today i did my 1st stitch for the "stitch Along" and here it is--the Pekinese Stitch using perle coton #8 in two different purples.
I'm not sure this picture is really going to show the stitch. I may need to take another one. If so, a good one will be downloaded to the "Stitch along" group at
Well, I think that's more than enough for now but, I want to leave you all with this awesome picture from Deep Creek Maryland, not where I live but where a bunch of us spent a weekend celebrating a friend's 50th birthday.
Happy Stitching Everyone