Sunday, March 23, 2008

Okay, final post for today. This picture shows my interpretation of a motif Carolyn Cibik distributed in her Treasures Club newsletter. I need to add some buillon knots and little beads to the feathered branches.
The picture also shows an added embellishment to a piece of trim. I added straight stitches topped with beads coming out of the trim.

I hope you all enjoy my pictures and they give you some inspiration and new ideas.

Thanks to all whom have left comments on my blog regarding my black and white tv. It's good to get feedback--and it doesn't always have to be "say something nice or nothing at all." I value constructive criticism-------as long as it's given gently, tee hee.

Oh, almost forgot-------I have honored Barbara's challenge on by submitting 3 pictures of the same seam treatment, each a bit different. Hopefully Barbara will use the pictures in the next issue.

Til next time--------------go create.

On the same block as the scallops is this silk ribbon motif. I was pleased with the flowers on this motif and believe the secret is in using straight pins to hold the silk ribbon loops so they don't pull out as you add more flower petal loops. Of course that makes a lot of fun trying to work around those pins as you add more petals!!!!!!!

This seam treatment is from a design by Karen Phillips Shwallon. The scallops were quite the challenge to do. I used silk and the edges were fraying as I was trying to applique them down but, I kept to it and am glad I did. I think it's quite the unique treatment and can open all of us to some new methods to consider on our crazy quilts.

Other work

March 23, 2008
Happy Easter

I don't have anything concrete yet for the March TIF challenge but, I thought I'd post some pictures of some of my other crazy quilt work.

This is a seam treatment of mixed beads along the side of a peacock feather. I randomly thread 4-6 beads before anchoring them. All sorts of beads can be mixed for this treatment.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Take it further challenge.

Welcome. I believe I have enabled the "leave a comment" feature on my blog

February Take if Further Challenge


My response to Sharon Boggon's February theme "I'm old enough to remember..." is the black and white television.

Yes, there was a time when there were no color televisions.

My response to the challenge was to create an old black and white tv using fabric for the television, buttons for the dials, threads, only in shades of black and white, for the picture and some beads, just to give it some electricity.