Sunday, February 22, 2009

1st Puzzle Piece

I've finished my 1st crazy quilt puzzle piece. Initially I found it challenging to work in such a small scale but, as I worked, funny how BIG that small scale became!
I did find finishing it off a bit troublesome. The presser foot didn't like moving over beads as I finished off with a satin stitch around the edge. In a couple of places I had to take the presser foot off my machine to get the satin stitched edge. Since I couldn't "hoop up" the piece I had to hold the piece very tight as I freeform satin stitched. Not as smooth an edge as I'd like but, it all worked.
I will keep this in mind on my next pieces.

If any of you have been thinking ahead regarding finishing off all your swapped pieces I found this fabric at one of our local quilt shops. This is a batik (I think a Bali batik). The shop only had it in this color but, I'm sure it comes in others. I'm thinking borders. Yea, I know, I have to figure out how borders will work with the "in" tabs and "out" tabs of the puzzle pieces---------------oh, maybe I'll make extra pieces that are straight on the sides, just like a real jigsaw puzzle-----EUREKA what a thought!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm back to stitching--oops, got to go defrost something for dinner if we're going to eat tonight.


Pat Winter said...

Jaffy, your piece looks great. Love the edges. I posted your link on my blog for others to see. Thanks!

jaffy said...

Thanks back to you Pat.